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Car Videos

These are a bunch of video clips I either taped myself or have borrowed from various places all over the internet.  Sources are noted if they're known.  If you would like to receive credit for your video(s), please send me the proof of ownership.  If you have a video clip that you'd like to post but don't have an adequate server, email it to me.

Categories are listed at the right.  There are quite a few different formats in this collection, so you may need to download additional software to view them.  All of them should be viewable with the latest versions of QuickTime and Windows Media Player if you're on a PC.  The executables have all been scanned for viruses, but you should scan them yourself before running them.

New Videos

Date Name / Size Description
6/3/07 Lexus IS300 Commercial

AVI, 4.9 mb
QuickTime (mov), 8.5 mb
MPEG, 9.5 mb
Real Media (rmvb), 6.8 mb
Flash (swf), 5.3 mb
Windows Media (wmv), 3.1 mb
Epson P3000 (mp4), 4.5 mb
iPOD 5.5 (m4v), 5.4 mb

Lexus IS300 TV ad shows the similarities between the showroom car and their race car.
6/2/07 Chevy Truck Burnout

MPEG, 879 kb

A Chevrolet Silverado does a burnout and a few doughnuts in a parking lot.
1/29/07 Charade GTti Burnout

MPEG, 5.2 mb

A Daihatsu Charade GTti does a burnout at the Drag Combat. From RealPer4mance.com.
1/20/07 Porsche Boxster Spinout

MPEG, 1.6 mb

A Porsche Boxster spins out on a sharp curve on the track in front of a Corvette Z06.  From Dynahud.com.
1/20/07 Corvette Near Spin-Out

MPEG, 2.6 mb

A Corvette nearly spins out and hits the concrete at over 100 mph in front of a yellow Porsche at Portland International Raceway.  From Dynahud.com.
RRB Collection Teasers: The Cadillac History

Low quality, 753 kb

High quality, 2.48 mb

9.48 mb, Location #1

9.48 mb, Location #2

A preview of "The Cadillac History" from the Rare, Racy, and Beautiful DVD Collection.

You can purchase the full-length video for download or DVD format at RRBCollection.com.

Skyline GTR700 8-second

698 kb, Location #1

698 kb, Location #2
1.54 mb

3.34 mb, Location #1

3.34 mb, Location #2

A Nissan Skyline GTR700 runs the 1/4 mile in 8.27s @ 167 mph.

From realper4mance.com.

Thanks to Tabib for this video.

9/1/05 M3 Accidental Drift

536 kb, Location #1

536 kb, Location #2

Original MPEG:
7.1 mb

Eric Hedstrom takes his 1999 BMW M3 (E36) around a corner at the Motor Sport Ranch in Ft. Worth, Texas.
8/31/05 BMW Drifting

224 kb, Location #1

224 kb, Location #2

516 kb, Location #1
516 kb, Location #2

752 kb, Location #1
752 kb, Location #2

3.71 mb

A BMW 7-series drifts around a highway ramp.

Thanks to Tabib for this video.

8/30/05 HPA Golf R32 Acceleration Test

593 kb, Location #1

593 kb, Location #2
1.31 mb

HPA 550 HP Twin Turbo Volkswagen Golf/GTI R32 does an acceleration test on a track.  This car can do 0-60 in about 3.2 seconds.

Thanks to Tabib for this video.


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