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General Motors Videos

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Date Name Size Description
  22B vs. El Camino


923 kb Impreza 22B drag-racing a Chevrolet El Camino at the track.  Thanks to Trans Am Tech for hosting.
  69 Camaro vs. Supra:

Location #1 (Faster)
Location #2

465 kb An alcohol-burning 1969 Chevrolet Camaro drag-races a Toyota Supra - From DallasRacing.com
  Buick GS Stage 1 (1971) Burnout


3.55 mb Thanks to Tim
7/25/02 Camaro vs. Mustang 5.0

Location #1 (Faster)
Location #2

3.04 mb A Ford Mustang 5.0 barely beats a Chevrolet Camaro on the street.  From RacingFreaks.net.
10/1/02 Camaro SS vs. Subaru Impreza

Location #1
Location #2

141 kb A Chevrolet Camaro beats a modified Subaru Impreza 2.5 RS on the street.  From DallasRacing.com.
7/4/02 Camaro SS vs. Trans Am WS6

Location #1

3.64 mb SSmoked's 12-second Chevrolet Camaro takes on a 2000 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am WS6 on the street.  From RacingFreaks.net.  Thanks to Trans Am Tech for hosting.
12/26/02 Caprice 20-second Burnout:

Site #1
Site #2

396 kb A white 1993 Chevrolet Caprice does a 20-second burnout.
12/27/02 Caprice Figure 8

Location #1, 280 kb
Location #2, 280 kb

A white 1993 Chevrolet Caprice does a figure 8.
6/2/07 Chevy Truck Burnout

MPEG, 879 kb

A Chevrolet Silverado does a burnout and a few doughnuts in a parking lot.
1/20/07 Corvette Near Spin-Out

MPEG, 2.6 mb

A Corvette nearly spins out and hits the concrete at over 100 mph in front of a yellow Porsche at Portland International Raceway.  From Dynahud.com.
7/26/05 Corvette Track Day at Portland

Location #1, 15.2 mb
Location #2, 15.2 mb

A Chevrolet Corvette Z06 does a few laps around Portland International Raceway with a Dynahud hooked up.  From Dynahud.com.
8/11/05 Eclipse GSX vs. DRM Corvette

16.4 mb, Location #1
16.4 mb, Location #2

5.76 mb, Location #1

2.46 mb, Location #1
854 kb, Location #1
854 kb, Location #2

A low 13-second Eclispe GSX  encounters a 430 RWHP Doug Rippie Motorsports Corvette.  The Lingenfelter reference in the video is incorrect.  From MiamiRacing.com.
5/4/02 FreakZ's Camaro vs Black Supra

WMV-593kb-Location #1
WMV-593kb-Location #2

MPG-3.51mb-Location #1
MPG-3.51mb-Location #2

FreakZ's 12-second Chevrolet Camaro Z28 takes on a black Toyota Supra on the street.  From RacingFreaks.net.
11/16/02 FreakZ vs. Turbo Integra

Location #1 (Faster)
Location #2

5.66 mb FreakZ races his modified Chevrolet Camaro Z28 against a turbocharged Acura Integra on the street.  From RacingFreaks.net.  Thanks to Trans Am Tech for hosting.
5/18/02 HC Sprayed Vette vs. 650 rwhp Supra #1

WMV, 719 kb:
Location #1
Location #2

MPEG, 3.64 mb:
Location #1
Location #2

A single-turbo 650 rwhp Toyota Supra takes out a Chevrolet Corvette with 100-shot NOS and heads and cams.  From RacingFreaks.net.
5/18/02 HC Sprayed Vette vs. 650 rwhp Supra #2 4.92 mb Same two cars.  Same result.
2/8/02 Mustang vs Camaro SS

Location #1 (Faster)
Location #2

403 kb Ford Mustang vs Chevrolet Camaro SS on the street.  From DallasRacing.com.
6/25/01 Mustang vs IROC

Location #1
Location #2

460 kb Street drag-race between a Ford Mustang and a Chevrolet Camaro IROC. From DallasRacing.com.
1/25/03 Mustang vs. Older Vette 2.95 mb A modern Ford Mustang demolishes an older Chevrolet Corvette on the street.  From RacingFreaks.net.
10/1/02 Mustang 5.0 vs. Camaro Z28 2.39 mb A Chevrolet Camaro Z28 (LS1) easily takes out a Ford Mustang 5.0 on the street.  From RacingFreaks.net.
  Pontiac Firebird Formula WS6 (1997) Burnout 1.68 mb Thanks to Tim
RRB Collection Teasers: The Cadillac History

753 kb, Location #1

753 kb, Location #1
2.48 mb

9.48 mb, Location #1

9.48 mb, Location #2

A preview of "The Cadillac History" from the Rare, Racy, and Beautiful DVD Collection.

You can purchase the full-length video for download or DVD format at RRBCollection.com.

  Subaru vs. Camaro 5.32 mb Kevin Thomas's (MD) turbocharged Outback Sport drag-races a V8 Camaro on the street.  The Chevy won by half a length.
5/11/02 TAMUz06 170 mph 2.26 mb In-car video of TAMUz06 exceeding 170 mph on the street in his Corvette Z06.  Don't try this at home.  From RacingFreaks.net.
8/15/05 Trans Am 305 Burnout

WMV, 387 kb, Location #1
WMV, 387 kb, Location #2
MPEG, 391 kb

A red Pontiac Trans Am 305 (LB9) does a burnout.
7/17/01 Trans Am vs Mustang

Location #1 (Faster)
Location #2

421 kb A Pontiac Trans Am destroys a Ford Mustang on the street.  From DallasRacing.com.  Thanks to Trans Am Tech for hosting.
4/20/02 Trans Am vs Trans Am

Location #1 ( Faster)
Location #2

210 kb Two Pontiac Firebird Trans Am's fight it out on the street.  From DallasRacing.com.  Thanks to Trans Am Tech for hosting.
  Vauxhall Bad Day

Location #1

1.89 mb In-car video of a Vauxhall having some trouble staying on the narrow course at the Sony International Manx Rally.
12/27/02 WS6 Figure 8

Location #1 (Faster)
Location #2

2.54 mb Pontiac Firebird WS6 doing a figure 8.


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